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Farming Utensils for Rice Cultivation Project in Bible College Community

On, April 18, 2023, as part of the effort in supporting community initiatives, Monrovia Breweries Incorporated (MBI), has made a donation of farming materials to a Community-Based Organization in Brewerville for the purpose of cultivating swamp lands for rice production.

Those items donated where; cutlasses, shovels, hoes, wheelbarrows, rain gears, deca-meters, trampoline, rakes, head-pan, axes, Spraying cans and water cans, amongst other items.

Monrovia Breweries is proud to playing a vital role in helping farmers to producing rice and other local crops for the public consumption.


 Rice Project VOA 1

Rice Project VOA 2 

Rice Project VOA 3

Community Clean-Ups

Keeping roads and spaces clean, makes them heathlier and safer. On top of that they inarguably look better. MBI regularly supports community clean-up initivatives in our vicinity. 


Caldwell Cleanup1   Caldwell Cleanup2   Caldwell Cleanup3   Caldwell Cleanup4



Vacation Students


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As a prime supporter of the Ministry of Labour’s Capacity-Building Initiative, Monrovia Breweries Inc. is happy to welcome 17 students of various career areas from the leading vocational and tertiary educational institutions of Liberia.

In order for them to improve their skills, the students were assigned to the different departments and will gather valuable hands-on experiences during this 3-months programme.

Monrovia Breweries is proud to be playing a vital role in shaping the next generation of proud Liberian workers who will become valuable members of the Liberian society.

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