About us

Environmental & Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy of our company is to manage and grow our business responsibly, meeting the needs of all our stakeholders and delivering value to our shareholders. To this end, we pursue seven CSR priorities:

  1. Act with integrity and honesty in all our dealings.
  2. Communicate openly and fairly with all our stakeholders.
  3. Treat our customers fairly.
  4. Show respect for our employees, valuing their skills and contributions.
  5. Invest in local communities.
  6. Manage and minimize the impact of our operation on the environment.
  7. Pay our taxes on time.

In line with our CSR priorities, we promote and invest in environmental management, health and safety, education and training, stakeholder engagement and corporate philanthropy.

Environmental Management

Reducing the impact of our operation on the environment helps us to improve operational efficiency and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

As part of our commitment to sound environmental management, we developed our first Environmental Management Plan (EMP) in 2008 on Liberian EPA standards. The EMP provides a framework for dealing with all the environmental risks associated with our operation and to reduce our operations environmental impact to a minimum Our EMP is subject to regular updates Monrovia Breweries Inc. strongly believes in realization of our set targets and in continuously improving our environmental management. Health and safety, environmental management and impact reduction are top priorities on our management agenda. We claim ourselves to a leader in environmental management in Liberia. Throughout the years we keep making continuous improvements on our equipment, but also our processes in order to montor and lower the environmental impact steadily. We are supported to do so by our long-term partner Earthtime Inc.

Health and Safety

Our company is committed to the protection of its employees and customers. Risks regarding employees’ and customers’ health and safety take center stage in our business decisions. We employ the highest standard in the brewing industry in our production and our products are of the best quality.

We provide a safe and healthy work environment, supporting appropriate training, fostering positive attitude towards health, safety and wellness, managing work hazards and developing relevant policies and procedures. We have a Health and Safety Committee which supervises our health and safety programs. The committee identifies workplace hazards and establishes safe work practices for employees.

Our approach to safety covers risks associated with manufacturing, maintenance, operation of forklifts and vehicles, and use of office machines.


Through our training and development programs, we develop the capacities needed to conduct our business, as well as assist with the skill development of interns to support additional knowledge development in the country. We conduct in-house training for our employees and provide sponsorship for external training. We also provide apprenticeship training at our well equipped workshop for between four and six months for senior students from BWI, MVTC, LOIC and Salvation Army Vocational School. Every year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, we provide vacation employment for senior high and college students to expose them to the work environment and provide them financial compensation to assist with their school expenses. Additional information on training and capaity building can be found here.

Stakeholders Engagement

Our company has been in business for over 52 years. And much of our success has been built on our good relationships with stakeholders. Our key stakeholders are our investors, employees, customers, suppliers, the communities and the government.

We always engage our stakeholders to understand their views, needs and concerns and use the outcome to inform our decision-making. We work cooperatively with the government and its regulatory bodies. We are transparent in our dealings and interactions; we discourage “kickbacks” or bribes, and pay our taxes on time. We strive at all times to be a good corporate citizen.

Corporate Philanthropy

We invest in our local communities, supporting education, health and sanitation programs. For example we built a six-room public toilet in the Momboe Town community and provided emergency fuel support for the Redemption Hospital We provide school fees for 256 students, who are employees’ dependents, in various private schools and make donations to community sanitation, health and education programs and government projects.

Monrovia Breweries Inc. maintains a very close partnership with LWSC where we provide mechanical emergency support, facilitate quality management with water analyses and assist with process feedback.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Committee oversees our CSR activities and is composed of five persons.