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Quality Management

Producing the best and freshest beer in Liberia requires us to closely focus on its quality. For Monrovia Breweries Inc. quality is not only about measuring and controlling it. We extend it to manage each step, each individual and each component involved in our production process. In order to delight our consumers with a beer brewed in perfection.

Quality management in the brewery serves as an important function for detecting parameters throughout the production process. A good quality consists therefore of positive influencing variables together. The observance of constant values must therefore be sought.
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In the beverage industry, these parameters are divided into the following groups:

  • Chemical engineering
  • Microbiological and
  • Sensory

Beer will always be a matter of taste and the customer will decide on its individual taste preferences. Generally it can be said, the fresher a beer, the better it is. If you compare different beers with each other, the trained connoisseur differentiates between desired notes in flavor and excellence in quality.

The expectations of the customers should be satisfied and a Club Beer invites to drink another one. Monrovia Breweries strives to maintain quality and flavor constant. Objectives of the MBI - quality management are:

  • A structured quality management with defined sampling and analysis
  • Monitoring of production parameters specified
  • Provision of results, documentation and assessments
  • Suggestions for quality improvement
  • Sensory quality control and training
  • Monitoring and compliance with hygiene measures
  • Develop and control the risk management
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